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Maya ActiveWorksheet Pack

  • Winner of the BETT Primary Digital Content Award 2016!
  • Designed for KS2.
  • Written with renowned Maya expert Dr Diane Davies.
  • An accurate and trustworthy resource in an area of curriculum plagued with innacuracy.
  • Incredible augmented reality including:
    • Interactive Maya calendar.
    • Cross section of a Maya temple.
    • Translate Maya hieroglyphs.
    • Examine a Maya codex.
  • Fully planned and resourced lesson activities.

Prehistoric Britain ActiveWorksheet Pack

  • Finalist at BETT Awards 2015
  • Designed for KS2.
  • Demystify this new addition to the curriculum, going back in time over 800,000 years.
  • 10 worksheets covering themes such as Hunter-Gatherers, Cave Art, Death & Burial and more.
  • Amazing augmented reality including:
    • Extinct prehistoric deer walking on the page.
    • An accurate Iron Age roundhouse with roaring fire.
    • Accurate model of Stonehenge as it looks now and when it was built.
  • Fully planned and resourced lesson activities.

1914 - 1918 First World War ActiveWorksheet Pack

  • Commemorate the First World War in your school.
  • Designed for KS1, KS2 & KS3.
  • 9 worksheets looking at different themes of the First World War.
  • Amazing augmented reality on your desk including:
    • The Cenotaph
    • British tank
    • The Red Baron
  • Fully Planned and resourced lesson activities.

Archaeology ActiveWorksheet Pack

  • Take a journey around the world and through time with the Archaeology ActiveWorksheet pack.
  • Designed for KS2.
  • 10 worksheets take pupils to a different time in history, showing how historical enquiry helps us understand our past.
  • Amazing augmented reality including:
    • Open an ancient Mesopotamian receipt.
    • Reveal a satellites view of archaeology.
    • Bring Otzi the Iceman back to life.
  • Fully planned and resourced lesson activities.

iDig Augmented Reality Excavation

  • Undertake an archaeological excavation right in your classroom with none of the mess!
  • Designed for KS2.
  • 5 sheets combine to make one trench, with augmented reality artefacts hidden among them.
  • Using the iDig app, pupils can excavate the augmented reality artefacts and examine them further in "Lab Mode".
  • Can your class piece together the puzzle?

Virtual Reality - Out of this world experiences in the classroom

  • Use Google Cardboard combined with a smartphone or iPod Touch to take pupils places they never imagined.
  • Visit an Iron Age roundhouse or the frontlines of WW1 in an authentic trench.
  • Unique immersive experiences provide the perfect foundation for writing.
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