Case Study: Plymouth Grove Primary School

Inspyro projects at Plymouth Grove

Case Study of Inspyro Mars Outbreak Project with Year 6 at Plymouth Grove Primary School, Longsight, Manchester

Context of School: The school is located within an urban setting in the inner city of Manchester with high levels of economic deprivation. The school has a high proportion of pupils for whom English is an additional language.

Context of Class: The school chose the two year 6 classes to take part in the 'Mars' project as a vehicle to maintain engagement and motivation after the SATs. The year 6 teacher who took the main lead with the projects was very enthusiastic to teach the project and this enthusiasm was transferred to the pupils.

Time Period of Project: The school decided to complete the project over a two week period which meant that it was delivered on a daily basis. The projects are flexible in this way and so schools can choose to deliver either every afternoon for a term, a day a week or as in this case in its entirety over a two week period.


Comments by Class Teacher

Task 1 Maths Problem Solving: "Great task – really motivated the pupils and mixed ability groups worked well. Encouraging [the] less able to communicate between the 4 teams was a good way to encourage collaboration"

Debate on running out of water in the Colony: "Interesting discussion point. I did throw a solution to the colony that one way to make our water last longer was to find the least useful half of the colony and to dispose of the rest. It is better for some of us to survive than for all of us to perish. Really interesting discussion came out of this and it was a good preparation conversation for the later dilemmas that they will face. It will be interesting to see if they are as horrified with the idea when it is a faceless population next week. The children and I loved it and as an assessment tool it has been fascinating."e

D.T. Activity: "The children loved this and enjoyed making the video and audio transmission to put on the blog."

Overall: Thank you so much for the project, I have really enjoyed getting stuck in!

Pupil Comments

"The Mars project is where we pretend to go to Mars in a group called Delta colony. We have to solve problems and decide what to do."

"The Mars project is about a group of year 6 children moving from earth to Mars. They moved into Mars because if the state of earth. The earth was miserable and full of illness."

"On their journey they come across a lot of life threatening situations."

"... they have to sort out lots of problems, call council meetings and make important decisions."

"I really enjoyed the council meetings because you get to give your own opinions, in addition everything did not go your way."

"I enjoyed when we dropped the eggs from 2m but [our teacher] went a bit extreme so we dropped it from 30 feet and a couple of eggs survived."

"In conclusion I really enjoyed this project because most of it was really mind boggling."

A thank you letter from one of the pupils:

Dear Inspyro,

I want to thank you for letting us take part on the Mars project.

I really enjoyed the Mars project and found it very interesting. When our teacher told me about the project I was exhilarated and could not wait. The best thing for me was when we had to solve the water problem. I liked it because we had to work as a team and I really enjoy teamwork.

I also enjoyed when we transported the medicine in an egg. It was a great solution for us. It was great because it was quite fun and that is what work is about.

The Mars project is great because it fits in with all your daily lessons. It is great for your learning and can help in life, like if you were chosen to go to Mars.

I really enjoyed this project and I would like to do it again.


Council Chair Delta Colony, Y6 pupil

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