This Time next Year..

Published on 5th September 2016 by Phil Birchinall in Technology

So here we go again! As we start a new academic year we are always interested in what opportunities and changes lay ahead for us in the edutech world! Will your class be awash with virtual reality headsets (We can help you out there!)? Will it still be all about the iPad? Or will Microsoft make some headway with the new, excellent Windows 10 based devices? Google are under threat from Office 365, with them creeping from the secondary sector into primary. One thing's for sure, it will still be all about the cloud! Computing as a subject will continue to mature and 2 years in to the introduction of coding, it will be interesting to see how this subject matures. The BBC MicroBit is now available, so the Beeb has a chance once more to have an impact in the classroom (let's not forget their place in the history of education technology!).

So get your Google Cardboard headsets, logon to your cloud based platform of choice and keep your eye on your twitter feed. It's going to be another interesting year! 

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