Prepare for World Backup Day. Saturday 31st March 2018.

Published on 22nd March 2018 by in Security

Your school data is one of your most precious assets. With more and more digital systems in education and the new GDPR coming in, the need to protect your data is greater than ever. A good back-up strategy is your insurance policy against data loss and Computeam is well placed to help you with every aspect of this important area.

So, what do we actually mean by ‘a backup’?

Let’s keep it simple. In its most basic form, a backup is simply a copy of your files stored on an alternative media device for the purpose of restoring your original files should a disaster strike.

You may be startled to find out that:

And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to backup your data, and you are a small business, consider this:

Backup vs. Ransomware

Over the last few years, Ransomware has become one of the hottest subjects in relation to backups, data loss and hacking; however, most Ransomware attacks could be resolved with a simple backup of your data. Just think, people are choosing to pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds to get their data back, all because they don’t have a backup. It seems simple, but the fact is 70 percent of business executives admitted to paying the ransom to get access to encrypted data and 20% admitted to paying more than $40,000! Surely backing up is a simpler (and less expensive) solution?

Backup the backup.

If you're dealing with valuable data, then you want to have redundant backups in place. What would happen if you’re backup failed? It’s always a good idea to consider a blend of one or more cloud services along with external hard drives to make "copies of copies." You can store one external hard drive at home and one at work, meaning should a fire, break in or flood happen, your data is always safe.

Be organised.

Organisation is key. It’s important that when ‘backing up’ you develop a standard way of sorting your files so that you and your users will always know where files belong. Not only will this save time and hassle, it also means that when you need to retrieve lost data, you can restore it to the proper location.

Making a plan and implementing it takes time, money, resources, and effort. That’s why many of us don’t do it. But the effort you put into your backup plan is far less expensive than losing a client because you lost his or her data.

The good news is, here at Computeam, we can help you with your backup. Talk to us today about how Barracuda Backup can help you. With over 150,000 companies and schools trusting them to protect their networks and data, isn’t it time for you to act before it’s too late?

A few key benefits include:

World Backup Day – Saturday 31st March 2018. We’ve got your back.

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